An evening with Adam Green

By Anna Laura Cavo (Latitude Radio) I have been going to gigs since I was 13, consequently I’ve seen many bands so far, and you might think that I’m not easily impressed anymore. You’re right, but, since the beginning of 2016, there has been one

Artwork by Barbara Kruger

Please Place Your Vote In The Bagging Area

by Ana Marta Laranjeira Why do you buy what you buy? There’s certainly a handful of answers to that single question: because you really like the design of  your Adidas, because Apple is “hands down the best brand ever” and hey, because there was this

photograph by Hanne Nord

Slutface and Fufanu: A review of the London gig

Sebright Arms, a ragged pub hidden in a dark alley off Hackney Road, set the tone for the Slutface and Fufanu gig already from the start. The pub was packed with people speaking excitedly in all kinds of languages, enjoying the pub’s vast selection of beer. Soundchecks could be heard from the basement up until a few minutes before the doors opened, and the audience could trickle down the stairs, to a bunker-like room with a small stage.


Music Interview: Chatting with Josef Salvat

27-year-old Aussie singer-songwriter Josef Salvat just released his first album, Night Swim, and soon sets off on tour, starting in the UK. I interviewed him shortly before his album release, and when I wondered about what to expect, he replied: ”Ask for the world, expect nothing.” I am however sure that Salvat’s talent will win him a bigger slice of the world than he’s prepared for.

source: http://gofossilfree.org/

To Divest or Not to Divest: That Is The Question

Started in 2014, this grassroots movement has swiftly rose to popularity, having been reported to be the fastest growing divestment campaign ever in history and with a mounting number of supporters. Nevertheless, popularity tends to walk hand-in-hand with objection and opposing ideas invariably arouse debates, which bring us to the million-dollar question: to divest or not to divest?


The 10 Best Albums of 2015

By Diana Lupica Carrie and Lowell – Sufjan Stevens Carrie and Lowell is music for the soul and it will both warm your heart and kill your senses. Titled after Stevens’ parents and clearly an ode to them, this album feels like a gift of


Editors – Reviewing “In Dream”

When I first heard about the release of the new Editors’ album In Dream, I was quite excited. Having known them since 2010 – from their third album In This Light And On This Evening. That being said, I had high expectations for this new album.