Allo’ Darlin- We Come From the Same Place


By Rüya Yönak

Allo’ Darlin is an anglo-australian indie pop four piece formed by singer Elizabeth Morris. They just released their new album “We Come from the Same Place” and they will be touring the UK until 24th of November. We advise you not to miss their show! They are a significant indie band and their album is the best yet. For those of you who don’t really expect a sad tune from a ukulele, if you heard Elizabeth Morris’ singing, you could hear a range of different emotions supporting the happy tune! We loved the Australian accent, the great bass lines by Bill Botting, the arpeggios of Paul Rains and Michael Collins’ beats.

HIRES“We Come from the Same Place” takes its name from one of the songs in the album. It is fast paced compared to the other songs but it still has the same melodic and relaxing effect to it. The album’s opener is Heartbeat, a sweet, calm song. Bright Eyes is a pleasant surprise, it is a great duet between Elizabeth and Paul and you instantly wish they did more of it, as it has a great guitar solo contrasting with the joyful sound. Half Heart Necklace is another song that catches the listener’s attention with its rock out attitude, it will be an awesome song to listen live. Our favorite is Crickets in the Rain. It is a song with powerful lyrics and you can feel how Elizabeth’s style of singing really transmits the singer’s feelings to the listener. The album’s last song is Another Year, a slow song which is more experimental and has a different sense to it.

Allo Darlin’ will be in Scala, London on the 24th and we say, if you’re an indie pop fan, don’t miss them!