What luggage and human lives have in common

What luggage and student lives have in common picture

By Andrea Graf

Every international student is facing a particular challenge before starting Uni. I am not talking about the visa process, the endless hours searching for the most convenient flight or saying goodbye to your beloveds: all these, though, are tough things to deal with, no doubt. But what can be more difficult than trying to fit your entire life into two suitcases? How can you ever restrict your entire existence to two pieces of luggage, which, by the way, are supposed to conform with Ryanair luggage policy? That is an experience which might teach you one important lesson: to decide means to forego. Here are a few peices of advice for getting through this mean process.


Choose the items you absolutely have to take with you. The emphasis here lies on choosing the things you love the most, bringing everything, as I stated earlier, is not an option. Usually it is relatively easy for us to identify our favourites, as they stand out from the crowd of items we are rather indifferent to.


Look for the things you wanted to take with you, but have miracously disappeared. Nothing vanishes, but it is a fact that as we actually tend to possess so many things, we often lose them. We forget them at friends‘ places, at school or at the gym. And it is a unwritten law that we start recognizing the value of things after losing them.


Take all the things you (objectively) don’t need and find the courage to throw them away. It might be quite difficult, I know, but you will feel better after having got rid of all the needless items filling precious space in your life.


To sum up, isn’t a suitcase a good analogy for our lives? Aren’t we facing similar situations? There are experiences we can’t live without, which we decide to take with us forever. On the other hand there might be memories, friendships, things we would like to have forever, but which we unluckily lost. And finally everyone of us has at least a couple of experiences, things occupying space in our lives, which are of no use and should be thrown away.


Having said that: Bon voyage!