An Evening of Nostalgia and Heavy Drinking: GUN

By: Oliver Webb


Photography by Oliver Webb

On Saturday night, Glaswegian hard-rock band, GUN, performed at Camden’s Underworld, supported by Sweet Crisis and Skam. Situated below the World’s End Pub, Underworld, with its repugnant stench of ale and sticky floors, turns into a night club after hosting live music. What followed was an evening of nostalgia and heavy drinking. The crowd were clearly up for a night of reminiscence and rock.

First to take the stage were Indie-Rock band Sweet Crisis, opening the set with their funky, upbeat song ‘Rapture’. Shortly following Sweet Crisis, Skam took to the stage, their lead vocalist sporting a moustache resembling a young Anthony Kiedis. After a short break, GUN took to the stage and were greeted with a loud applause from the awaiting fans. Having formed in 1987, GUN toured with The Rolling Stones on their European Urban Jungle Tour in 1990 and supported Def Leppard in 1992 during their UK tour.

Beginning with their older hits, including ‘Better Days’, ‘Steal Your Fire’, ‘Don’t Say It’s Over’, ‘Inside Out’ and their cover of Cameo’s ‘Word Up!’. They also played a few hits from their latest album, ‘Frantic’, a softer rock album. The tracks are lighter and more upbeat, especially ‘Hold Your Head Up’ and notably, ‘Let it Shine’, with its gospel-like melodies backed with choir vocals.

Among the crowd were the ageing 80s generation, in their leather jackets, tight stonewashed denim jeans and fingerless gloves. Lead vocalist Giuliano ‘Jools’ Gizzi spoke briefly about the late 80s and early 90s. Before their encore of Beastie Boy’s ‘Fight For Your Right’, Gizzi shouted “This one’s from ’86. Who remembers ’86?” To which everyone applauded. The tattooed biker chick next to me grinned and said: “That takes me back, I got divorced that year”, speaking to me as if I were there too. Although I was born nine years later, during the encore it felt like we had been transported back to 1986.