An evening with Adam Green

By Anna Laura Cavo (Latitude Radio)

I have been going to gigs since I was 13, consequently I’ve seen many bands so far, and you might think that I’m not easily impressed anymore. You’re right, but, since the beginning of 2016, there has been one person who’s impressed me, big time.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Adam Green at the Electric Ballroom on the 12th May. Not because I didn’t know the artist, I do listen to him, but because you never know what will happen during a live session. You can either get very disappointed, or your love for the artist just grows stronger.


Photography by Anna Laura Cavo

I was wearing my Drowners t-shirt, hoping that nobody would have a go at me because I had on a tee of another artist. What I found out later that night was that the crowd was one of the nicest I’ve ever encountered during a gig. So, we can say the first big score for Adam, was that his fans are absolutely lovely individuals.

Second big score for Adam was the supporting band he chose: a French band named Coming Soon, that amazed me (and slightly reminded me of the Libertines), because during their gig I’m sure I saw everyone in the band singing.

Adam Green’s bigger score, however, is Adam himself. I’ve rarely seen someone with so much energy on the stage. His dancing was hypnotically hilarious and smooth at the same time, and as soon as he got on stage I was suddenly in a good mood. It’s rare to see such a smiley, nice and talented creature like him on the stage.

He played an enormous amount of songs, part of them with Coming Soon supporting him, and another part played solo, asking for requests. It was uplifting seeing how energetic he was on stage and how much he cared that his audience was truly enjoying his show. My favourite song he played was definitely We’re not supposed to be lovers with it’s melancholic and ironic mood. I’m pretty sure it was the crowd’s favourite too, judging the reactions.

To conclude what seems like an Ode to Adam Green, I understood how much of a great artist he is when the lead guitarist of Coming Soon broke a string of his guitar. What did Adam do? He started singing while the problem was fixed. He kept the show going and he did it perfectly.

I’m not this generous usually, but I’m rating Adam Green’s gig 5/5. Thank you for the amazing night.