An Eventful Evening with Tom Walker

16326118_1428930267158405_1573264561_oBy: Katie Rice

Wednesday night’s gig at The Camden Assembly was full of laughter, soulful tunes, and a great deal of finger-wagging sass. The singer, Tom Walker, delivered ample soul as well as hip-hop beats. 16325822_1428933550491410_1460512509_oThe room was electric with emotion as he crooned about love, betrayal and bravery. You could see his authenticity and truth not only in his words but in his body-language. His performance, as well as his personality, was charmingly genuine. In Walker’s own words, the night was great “craic”.

The set was short, only 6 or 7 songs, but oh so sweet. Further adding to the sweetness, an unexpected proposal caused a brief break in the Scot’s set. The singer announced the next song on his set list as one he wrote for his “Mrs.”, a woman who had been there with him through good times and not so good times. He proceeded to invite someone who “had something important he wants to say” to the stage. A timid man walked onto the stage and the whole room began buzzing with anticipation. 16326446_1428933273824771_719524742_oThe man continued to get down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend of 9 years prior to dedicating the song Just You and I to his new fiancé. The crowd felt less and less like a sweaty mass of people and more like friends, as we all joined in congratulating the beaming couple. A crowd member even jokingly called out asking if we were all invited. The singer joined in with the jokes, saying that it had been an eventful night. However, all jokes aside, it was a quite a beautiful and intimate moment to be a part of, even as an onlooker. The night continued on, with the artist well on his way to living up to his best mate’s declaration that he “will be just as big, if not bigger than Ed Sheeran”.

If you haven’t already heard of Tom Walker, I’m sure you will soon.