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Selma Review

It’s about time somebody told Dr. King’s story and with Duvernay’s contemporary and coherent direction, Selma proves to be the surprise film of 2015.


‘Big Eyes’ Review

If you’re looking for a crazy, eccentric Burton film you have come to the wrong place. ‘Big Eyes’ is more ‘Ed Wood’ that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and better off for it.


‘Whiplash’ Review

It’s not often that films are made about Jazz music, let alone focusing on Jazz drumming. That is only a drop in the ocean of what makes Damien Chizelle’s debut feature ‘Whiplash’ such a breath of fresh air.


Salome & Wilde Salomé plus Q+A Broadcast (15)

Every piece of promotion, including the introduction at the beginning of the screening credited the movie as “based on the most controversial Oscar Wilde play.”
The film at the centre of Pacino’s 2011 docu-drama Wilde Salomé is now released as its own entity in the UK. Pacino’s vision, as stated in the documentary, was to stage a cinematic production of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé using the original text as written.


The Picture of Dorian Gray – The Alchemic Order

While walking through Greenwich, one is hardly likely to assume that within one of the many townhouses, the Victorian era lives on. After a timid, unsure knock on the inconspicuous door of one these townhouses, we are greeted by a curious woman dressed in Victorian attire, questioning if we are here to see Mr. Gray.