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Artwork by Barbara Kruger

Please Place Your Vote In The Bagging Area

by Ana Marta Laranjeira Why do you buy what you buy? There’s certainly a handful of answers to that single question: because you really like the design of  your Adidas, because Apple is “hands down the best brand ever” and hey, because there was this

photograph by Hanne Nord

Slutface and Fufanu: A review of the London gig

Sebright Arms, a ragged pub hidden in a dark alley off Hackney Road, set the tone for the Slutface and Fufanu gig already from the start. The pub was packed with people speaking excitedly in all kinds of languages, enjoying the pub’s vast selection of beer. Soundchecks could be heard from the basement up until a few minutes before the doors opened, and the audience could trickle down the stairs, to a bunker-like room with a small stage.

Ekran Resmi 2015-02-23 11.44.01

Charlie Simpson at Islington Assembly Hall

by  Callum Sharp Charlie Simpson’s recent UK acoustic tour finished with a bang at the Islington Assembly Hall. With support from three brilliant artists; Willow Robinson, Emma Blackery and Blackwell, the show shaped up to be superbly epic. It was great to see such a


The Black Hand

by Ana Marta Laranjeira   His art has been covering the streets of Tehran but the face behind it remains a mystery. His identity lays on two words – Black Hand – and he´s as talented as he is controversial. Relying on the stencil as his weapon