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Greenwich societies getting quizzy to fight cancer

By: Niall Wade On October 11th, the University of Greenwich Anime and Games Society teamed up with fellow society and charity CoppaFeel!, holding a quiz event to raise money for the battle against breast cancer. With fifty people making an appearance, the society raised £112,


#OUTCOME: An LGBT+ Exhibition

By: Harriet Jachec and Hanne Nord Photo: Hanne Nord Photographer and Greenwich University Alumni, Tom Dingley, celebrates people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) community in a unique way in his #OUTCOME project. Picturing each subject as they are in the present day,


Final Words from the President

In true student fashion I’ve spent quite a long time staring at a blank page; a blinking cursor taunting me as an empty mind produces no good ideas. I will admit though, unlike my student days, I’ve given myself more time to complete this, my final Lookout piece. But still, walking down


A-Z of Societies and Events

Never again can any of you say ‘there’s nothing to do!’ Take a look at all the exciting events that are happening over the next couple of months. I’ve even put it in alphabetical order for you, so there’s no excuse!


Palgrave Student Planner

The Palgrave Student Planner by Stella Cottrell can be used by students across all degrees and is sure to be very useful for organisation. It is easy to use and is a great size, easy to fit into a bag and carry around every day.


Surviving Student Halls

Finally, a life away from the parents! You are thinking living alone is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. It is. But you will be living with or around other people. So we decided to make a list that will


Freshers at Avery Hill

This is the time where you can ruthlessly explore your social skills and go on consecutive nights out without feeling the gut wrenching guilt of not staying in and doing your uni work. Oh, don’t worry, you will have all that to come. For the continuing students…here’s to another year of trying to balance your coursework and social life! But before all that, dear fresher’s I would like to introduce to you the sports and social hub of the University of Greenwich which is, Avery Hill Campus.


English Society

If you study English, or just love to read or write, then the University of Greenwich English Society is for you! The society is run by three third year English Literature students; Heather Scott, Paige Wilson and Amanda Renwick. We aim to make an easily