Elvis Costello with Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames


By Lisa Fontaine

Telling the many fans at the Royal Albert Hall last night that he usually likes to link his set list with a theme, legend, Elvis Costello said: “I thought I’d choose love… and lies and deceit and infidelity. But as all my songs are about love… lies, deceit and infidelity we’d be here for 400 hours and unfortunately we only have the one evening together”. Delivering a performance soaked with cool he had everyone wishing for those 400 hours.


Rocking up in bright purple shoes, the reason behind oversized non-prescription specs becoming an indie fashion trend- this man himself, is as eccentric as ever at 60. With Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames also on the bill this was one concert in the Blues Fest line up the Royal Albert Hall won’t be forgetting. Costello took his performance down to his blues roots, telling anecdotes and playing lounge-like performances which made this immense and extravagant arena seem like a very personal gig in some cultural blues bar back in the day.


Last night’s gig showed that blues need not be ‘back in the day’. Filling London’s most impressive hall with hundreds of fans, energy and emotion. Costello sang hits such as ‘Almost Blue’, ‘A Good year for the Roses’ and ‘Oliver’s Army’ and played out with a pared down no mic piece with just Steve Nieve on the piano to ‘say goodnight’ to the audience, and well… what a wonderful way to end an evening.