English Society


If you study English, or just love to read or write, then the University of Greenwich English Society is for you!

The society is run by three third year English Literature students; Heather Scott, Paige Wilson and Amanda Renwick. We aim to make an easily and widely accessible society bringing together lovers of literature!
Absolutely anyone from first year to graduates who have an interest in books and exploring literature can join the English Society, even if English is not your main subject of study, you’re still welcome to join us!

If you need any help or advice which is coursework related, then we are also here to help! The English Society will provide you with connections to English students from all levels of experience, so if you’re stuck on something, just ask us!

Joining the English Society not only looks great on your CV, but it’s also a chance to meet and socialise with others in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our previous events included a Harry Potter Night, where members dressed up as their favourite characters and won prizes! We also brought in a guest speaker from the committee of the Young Publishers Society to talk to us about careers in Publishing.

We hope to continue both fun and academic events that will benefit you in the future.  

The society is usually £3 to join for the year, and this is to cover any costs from printing to socials and trips. We want to welcome as many new faces as possible! You can join us online here.