Freshers at Avery Hill


By: Heather Scott

Hello students new and old! Fresher’s fortnight is back and I promise it to be some of your best nights during your university life.

This is the time where you can ruthlessly explore your social skills and go on consecutive nights out without feeling the gut wrenching guilt of not staying in and doing your uni work. Oh, don’t worry, you will have all that to come. For the continuing students…here’s to another year of trying to balance your coursework and social life! But before all that, dear fresher’s I  would like to introduce to you the sports and social hub of the University of Greenwich which is, Avery Hill Campus.

Avery Hill is the largest campus we have at the University, and students who study at Mansion Site are primary placed here in halls of residence. However, just because you do not study here does not mean you cannot visit! Personally, I study on the Greenwich campus and discovered the wonders of Avery Hill at the end of my first year. Had I known earlier about the variety of events available at Avery Hill campus, I would’ve come a lot sooner. So now, I’m giving you a head start! You can thank me later…

If you haven’t been to go and see Avery Hill then please do! We have a FREE inter-bus service that lets you travel between Greenwich and Avery Hill campus every hour. You can find the timetable on the SUUG website.

When you get there you will enter into ‘The Village’, where you will find the halls of residence, the village shop, the launderette, ‘The Dome’ which houses a gym and cafeteria, the doctors surgery the accommodation office, teaching rooms, tennis courts and football fields. Yes, it is like a real village! We also have our own free cash point which will either become your best friend or your worst enemy by the end of the first term…

Now, on the subject of fresher’s week, the name on everybody’s lips will be ‘Sparrows’. No, this is not a bird sanctuary that everybody goes to socialize (although we do have a real life bird sanctuary at Mansion Site!) No, this is the student union bar and entertainment facilities, and the venue for most of the sports society’s meetings and party themed events.

If you check out the Events Timetable on the SUUG Fresher’s 2014 website, you will see a range of events all being held at the Sparrows Bar. The Fresher’s Launch Party will be held here on the 13th September, so remember to take your student I.D, and go and explore!

Now I have gifted you with this knowledge, there is no excuse! So get out and enjoy yourself, and always try to be safe. See you there!