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Winners of the Best New society 2013/14, GRE EVENTS Society is suited to anyone who is passionate about planning, holding and/or attending events. 

We have been very successful in the last year, which was our first year as a society. We held popular student events, including Zoo Project, White Party and Spring Break (pictures of which can be viewed on our facebook page). As well as academic events with industry experts giving presentations. The society has also been presented with many opportunities which have allowed members to gain valuable experience; including working with a well established event company (Original Sin UK) on the University of Greenwich Summer Ball. 

Another major aspect of the society is writing events blogs on all things from venue visits and event reviews to speaking with industry experts. By doing so, you will improve networking skills and gain valuable connections with businesses, which you could potentially work for one day.

Joining the society will help you gain work experience by working on the various events that we hold as well as opportunities from outside the university. You will build upon your existing skills and obtain new skills as well as gaining confidence in yourself, your studies and future careers. The society committee consists of second and third years who are here to offer you support in your studies and help you make the most out of your time at the University of Greenwich! JOIN ONLINE AT:

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