Greenwich societies getting quizzy to fight cancer

By: Niall Wade

coppafeel-logo_1_white-background_rgbOn October 11th, the University of Greenwich Anime and Games Society teamed up with fellow society and charity CoppaFeel!, holding a quiz event to raise money for the battle against breast cancer.

With fifty people making an appearance, the society raised £112, all from selling raffle tickets and encouraging a two-pound contribution from those wanting to take part in the quiz. President of the Anime and Games Society, Michael March, states that “every penny raised will go towards CoppaFeel!’s fight against breast cancer”.

Three of the societies’ committee members contributed to create the mass range of questions included in the quiz. Some questions were not so conventional, and although it was assumed most questions would be anime and gaming related, that was not the case.

President Michael March, VP Tommy Monkhouse, and the society’s table top specialist Rebecca Sharples, all gave an exceptional delivery when reading questions to the contestants. The room was filled with laughter at their delivery of jokes and one-liners, and contestants engaging with all three speakers added to the great atmosphere of the night.

The winning team “Quiz Me Quickly, Quiz Me Quick, Quiz Me With Your Rhythm Stick” had 66 points overall; a substantial amount of questions answered correctly with very little answered incorrectly. Very narrowly missing out on the top spot was team “Quiz This The Real Life, Quiz This Just Fantasy” having 64 and a half points, who also won a prize for most creative team name. A prize was also given to the lowest performing team, something unique for a quiz event to include, which was a nice touch that meant losing the quiz wasn’t so much of a big deal.

Overall the event was an absolute success. The Anime and Gaming society reached a substantial goal, and the contestants were very entertained and engaged. However, a wish for the quiz questions to be more specifically themed, or at least to be consistent within the categories set, was present. President Michael March rounded up the night saying the organizers cannot wait for the next quiz, and are already working to organize a second, which is good news both for the fight against breast cancer and quiz-enthusiasts alike.