Editors – Reviewing “In Dream”

by Mara Kottke

When I first heard about the release of the new Editors’ album In Dream, I was quite excited. Having known them since 2010 – from their third album In This Light And On This Evening – I remember how impressed I was by the voice of the lead singer, Tom Smith. He sings in quite a deep tone, while still managing to hit the notes in the higher ranges.




I had high expectations for this new album. I must admit, I had missed the release of their fourth album (shame on me!). I was so excited when I came home that by the time the door of my room closed, I had already put the CD in my laptop. And yeah. Let’s be honest: I was disappointed. I can’t even clearly say why but, when I listened to it, I wasn’t really able to focus on it, I did several other things. For me, normally, it’s quite a clear sign that an album is good, when it’s so thrilling that I can’t do anything else other than listening to it. But this one was just some kind of background music.

Maybe my expectations were too high. So, after that first listen, I put the CD in one of my drawers and simply forgot about it. It was just some kind of coincidence that I found it again and thought “Why not give it a go again?”. The more I listened to the album, the more I liked it. I think it’s because it’s quite different from In This Light And On This Evening. Via Facebook, the band said that their newest release “was the sound of us learning to walk again, with new legs”. And maybe that’s the thing. So if you know the Editors from their former albums, it might be that you will be just as disappointed as me. But trust me: it gets better every time you listen to it, and I can say now that I fell in love with the Editors again. Not head over heels like the first time, but it’s still love.