Interview with Andy Burrows


Andy Burrows second solo album “Fall Together Again” is out and ready to warm you through cold days.
We chatted Andy about his upcoming tour and solo career.

 By Rüya Yönak

How are you?
I’m very good. I’m doing the final cuttings for the new album.

And you’re starting the tour soon
Yes in 2 weeks time.

Are you happy with the album overall?
Yeah, I’m very happy how it turned out and I’m very excited for it to be released.

Where will you be touring?
Just doing more dates around the UK. London, Manchester, Birmingham and South Hampton and then I’m doing Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Hamburg and Munich.

You’ll be touring for a while then. Do you want to go to US?
Yeah, I think that’d be cool at some point. I lived there last couple of years, we only moved home last year so I’m okay for now but it’d be nice to go play there.

You moved from New York to London right?

Would you say it had an effect on your creative process then?
Yeah, maybe a boost in inspiration but I think on the whole; traveling and moving around is very inspiring.

And you are a singer/songwriter, which requires a lot of creativity and originality. What would you say is the best way to keep the inspiration flowing?
I don’t know if there’s really a way. It’s just somedays or some months, you feel more creative and inspired than other days. There’s never… For me anyway, there’s never seem to be a great reason as to why it’s better sometimes. I certainly haven’t found a magic scenario to make yourself feel inspired or not.

AB_CD_WALLET.inddYou’ve also been the drummer for two bands: Razorlight and We Are Scientists. Can you tell us the challenges or the advantages of working solo?
Well the advantages are that you don’t have to run ideas and songs by a committee. The disadvantages are that you’re on your own but that isn’t always a bad thing anyway. I don’t know, being in a band is a lot of fun but it’s a very different thing to be on your own and to create on your own. I think they both just have great plus points and minus marks.

Now that you’re your own frontman, do you feel more pressure?
Not really. I don’t think it’s really much of a pressure. I found drumming a lot easier but then I do really really love singing my own songs. So, I suppose you have to be something of a frontman, but I quite like getting up and singing but I’m not like a big showman. I’m more like a low-key sort of frontman.

Was it something you use to do in the band as well, I know you were writing lyrics for them…
Yeah, I didn’t sing in any songs. I use to write some of them. But on the whole I was just on the drums and you know, I was very happy playing the drums. This is all new; these last 2 years are kind of a new territory for me.

I also wanted to ask you if you were writing songs for other artists as well
Not really for artists, I mean, I’ve written with a few. I only got into songwriting when I was in Razorlight. I still feel like I’m on an exciting learning curve. Writing songs comes up when someone is into it, I’ve written Delilah with Tom Odell and some bands; a band called the Medics, and Carl Barat but I’ve never written for somebody, I’ve written with people.

Let’s talk about the album, any song dedicated to someone in particular?
Yeah, you know but I always like to leave it tiny little bit mysterious. I think it’s quite nice for listeners to not know what songs are about. I just always liked that as a listener.

Because your songs always have a sensitive side to them, I think, do they reflect your personality maybe?
Yes! Capital letters: YES

Thank you so much for the interview!
Thank you!

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