living life through a 3rd person view

By Paul Alli

living life through a 3rd person view
i see our world as a snow globe, a concave spectacle
shake us up and watch the snowflake petals fall
off the pedestal my head will fall, wrapped in this dissociative effect
don’t worry about life, death, it’s all an act
seek, find the answer and watch the mind collapse

Time is relative and selectively significant

As I ascend I feel every pound, every ounce pulling down on me

I push forward, for I am resilient

Embracing crosswinds to forge my own destiny

This parabolic curve I summit

Descending at light speeds

I am weightless, I’m falling

I’ve done it

My chance to be the same when the clouds bring rain
I’m in good company
Long walks and deep thoughts
Of course the rainfall comforts me
The roads empty out and free from judgement
Find true peace as I wade the flooding
Running from constant threats
At war with the CNS
Turn off the caveman reflex

My eyes hang heavy with the bullsh*t around me

An anvil rests on these shoulders
We’re getting ready every day, not getting older
Nothing to offer but generations of cannon fodder
Pave the way for the ones that follow
Pioneer today, but we’re forgotten tomorrow

Once the cynic comes out, life is a movie

It’s filled with actors and directors, acting with no direction

Through solipsist eyes you’ll see what I see

Human beings are just one of Earths commodities

Our ego driven theories tell us our existence is something special

Who am I to disagree?

But part of me, wholeheartedly believes

It’s only me