London’s Coffee Culture – Four Favourite Hangouts


Coffee Culture picture

By Callum Sharp

We all appreciate a corporate cup of Starbucks coffee here and there, but with the coffee culture in London exploding, artisan cafes are continuously popping up around London. Here are four hotspots that provide a cup for all to enjoy…




1) Peyton and Bryne

This light, bright student friendly café is perfect for any group work that doesn’t require a library. There are many tables available – some that can seat 6 – and a great level of chat and uplifting music to keep you motivated. The staff are welcoming and they sell over forty different types of tea, not to mention great quality coffee. There’s an eclectic mix of food available, offering healthy salads and cakes available to takeaway. Although it occasionally becomes a meeting place for mothers, the amount of room and price per cup makes the difference (£2.00 for an Americano to go). They also have free wifi, a bonus for anyone with deadlines.


2) Waterstones Café

The local Waterstones is an incredibly quiet, peaceful café. It’s a creative escape for anyone wanting to get their head down for those all important essays. Personally, I love a good bookshop café, but if you’re in it for the coffee it certainly doesn’t hit the mark. It does however have locally sourced sandwiches and treats, so definitely check it out. The staff there are very accommodating and the calm atmosphere creates the perfect place for some writing inspiration, perfect for powering through those reports.


Further Afield:


3) Store Street Espresso

Store Street is a personal favourite because the quality of coffee is simply outstanding. They were using a seasonal espresso blend called Redbrick, which is roasted by the independent roasting company Square Mile. It was thoroughly enjoyable and had primary favours of dark berries and sugary caramel. Every latte is topped beautifully with hearts and rosettas, and for only £2.50, it’s worth paying for.

The café has a minimalist feel and is naturally lit by the large skylight, which gives it a very cheerful atmosphere. It’s also extremely student friendly, offering student discounts and free wifi, which encourages people to stay and enjoy the space. There is a good range of snacks available too at around £3 per item, not bad for a central London spot.


4) Timberyard

Located just off of Leicester Square, this well charactered shop balances busy, open areas from quiet, tucked away ones perfectly. The coffee is superb, they had a single origin Guatemalan espresso on the go when I visited, which was perfectly balanced. They provide table service and serve your coffee on a rustic wooden board, giving it some class. Upon request, they can make any of their sandwiches with gluten free bread. They also have the widest selection of cakes known to man. However, this is more of a weekend treat; prices are high. A latte is about £3.00 and a sandwich is pushing £5.50. Spend wisely…