By Felicia Ngwube

The awaiting shore of the horizon Just as the sun
Longs to embrace

I long to kiss you

As lips meet
Heart paces will slow
To match the rhythmic beat
Of our nomadic thoughts,
Whose footsteps have travelled a 1000 miles
Just to end up here
At this point
Where they are completely encapsulated with you
For just like the moon
I would die to myself  every dawn
Just so I could witness
The sun rise of your smile
You’ve never been much for words
So I guess I’ll just give you mine
I’ll use my breath as a pen
To write soliloquies between your lips
I’ll place sonnets on your mouth
And poetry unimaginable
To dance upon your tongue
If I found favour in the Heavenlies
I would convince the stars to shine a little brighter
Every time we are together
I’ll ask the sun
To step above the clouds
Just so I could see the rays of gold
Dance in your eyes a little longer
I’ll query if the moon
Would shift a little closer
So we could dance in her radiance

Till the inky night fades
For you see
I want to teach you how to see life in technicolour
Our kaleidoscope of affection
Will refract the light of our being
And illuminate a world content living in 50 shades of grey
So, I wrote this for you
Even though there’s a small chance you will hear this
I’ll download it into the forgotten chambers of my heart
And play it on repeat
So the next time we meet
Odes, sonnets and poetry will spill from parted lips
And plant into the furrowed soil of your mind
To birth memories of something we once shared
Something which only the Heavens seemed to know about it
And so they await with bated breath
Just like I
For that something

To once again