#OUTCOME: An LGBT+ Exhibition

By: Harriet Jachec and Hanne Nord

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Photo: Hanne Nord

Photographer and Greenwich University Alumni, Tom Dingley, celebrates people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) community in a unique way in his #OUTCOME project. Picturing each subject as they are in the present day, whilst holding photographs of themselves as a child, surrounded by symbolic props as representations of their lives today, #OUTCOME serves as a celebration of diversity and challenging stereotypes. The project has been published in a book by Arachne Press (arachnepress.com).

Among the many people portrayed in the book is poet Dean Atta (@DeanAtta) who participated at the launch by performing two of his poems, receiving a great response from the audience. The poem ‘Young, Black and Gay’, with lines such as “Don’t think your rights came overnight/So many people had to fight to gain anything like equality” highlighted the ongoing struggle for the LGBT+ community.

Meike Imberg, the university’s LGBT+ student officer, wishes for more students to get involved with the project: “I think it’s really important to encourage people to step up to be who they are, and to also support them within their communities, to help them if they’re still struggling with their family and friends, which is clearly the starting point when you are coming out.” She also says because there are a lot of students at university who might be struggling to come out, might be questioning, or they might already be LGBT+, but has had problems when coming out, we have all the more of a reason to support the project. “I really hope it’s going to have a great and bright future, and we’re going to do our best to support that.”

The launch Monday night was a spectacular celebration of the LGBT+ community Greenwich embraces, whilst also serving as an important reminder of the diversity that London holds. Tom Dingley’s original work was put on a wonderful platform, and highlighted the raw talent amongst our alumni.

Check out the programme for the rest of the week below, and read more at alumni.gre.ac.uk/outcome


Tuesday 11th & Thursday 13th October: Be photographed for #OUTCOME!
10 am – 4.30 pm/ 10 am – 2pm
Location: Heritage Gallery

Outcome photographer, Tom, will be hosting a pop-up studio day if you would like to be part of #OUTCOME. If you are LGBT+ and would like to be photographed, please get in touch and suggest a time. If so, please bring along a childhood photo of you (before the age of 15).

Tom: @OutcomeLGBT / tom_dingey@hotmail.co.uk

Wednesday 12th October: #OUTCOME Q&A – Coming Out
1pm – 2pm: Q&A. 2pm – 2.30pm: Networking. 2.30pm – 3.30pm: Student Panel Discussion
Location: Heritage Gallery

#OUTCOME speakers include Tom Dingley, Nigerian gay rights activist Bisi Alimi and transgender filmmaker and campaigner Jake Graf. Hear them talk about their experiences of coming out and being out – at work, at home, in different cultures and stages of life. Afterwards will be an opportunity to talk with them at a networking reception. The conversation will then continue with a student panel with the University’s LGBT+ student officer Meike Imberg.

Friday 14th October: Allies Roadshow
11am – 2pm
Location: Heritage Gallery

The LGBT+ Allies Roadshow aims to promote the work of the Staff LGBT+ Network, encourage even more colleagues to become allies and publicly demonstrate our commitment to LGBT+ equality, via open, friendly and informative outreach events across the university.

#OUTCOME #ProudToBeGre