Salome & Wilde Salomé plus Q+A Broadcast (15)

Every piece of promotion, including the introduction at the beginning of the screening credited the movie as “based on the most controversial Oscar Wilde play.”
The film at the centre of Pacino’s 2011 docu-drama Wilde Salomé is now released as its own entity in the UK. Pacino’s vision, as stated in the documentary, was to stage a cinematic production of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé using the original text as written.


Allo’ Darlin- We Come From the Same Place

Allo’ Darlin is an anglo-australian indie pop four piece formed by singer Elizabeth Morris. They just released their new album “We Come from the Same Place” and they will be touring the UK until 24th of November. We advise you not to miss their show! They are a significant indie band and their album is the best yet


The Picture of Dorian Gray – The Alchemic Order

While walking through Greenwich, one is hardly likely to assume that within one of the many townhouses, the Victorian era lives on. After a timid, unsure knock on the inconspicuous door of one these townhouses, we are greeted by a curious woman dressed in Victorian attire, questioning if we are here to see Mr. Gray.


Interview with Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows second solo album “Fall Together Again” is out and ready to warm you through cold days. We chatted Andy about his upcoming tour and solo career.  By Rüya Yönak How are you? I’m very good. I’m doing the final cuttings for the new


Palgrave Student Planner

The Palgrave Student Planner by Stella Cottrell can be used by students across all degrees and is sure to be very useful for organisation. It is easy to use and is a great size, easy to fit into a bag and carry around every day.


Cold Specks Neuroplasticity

Cold Specks is the creation of Canadian singer/songwriter Al Spx, who describes her music as Doom Soul. It may be the perfect explanation for the genre of music she makes as there is darkness to her voice that compliments her lyrics and the sound Cold Specks captures.


Chicken Piccata

Many University students are known to opt out on cooking real, let alone healthy, meals, settling for the notorious Pot Noodle or going on the ever popular beans on toast route. While often it may seem hard to find the time and more importantly the


Surviving Student Halls

Finally, a life away from the parents! You are thinking living alone is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. It is. But you will be living with or around other people. So we decided to make a list that will


Freshers at Avery Hill

This is the time where you can ruthlessly explore your social skills and go on consecutive nights out without feeling the gut wrenching guilt of not staying in and doing your uni work. Oh, don’t worry, you will have all that to come. For the continuing students…here’s to another year of trying to balance your coursework and social life! But before all that, dear fresher’s I would like to introduce to you the sports and social hub of the University of Greenwich which is, Avery Hill Campus.