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Exploring London

London can be an exciting and scary place for those who have never lived here before. There are many things to do and your first year of uni, Freshers in particular, can be the best time to familiarise yourself so you know what you’re doing


English Society

If you study English, or just love to read or write, then the University of Greenwich English Society is for you! The society is run by three third year English Literature students; Heather Scott, Paige Wilson and Amanda Renwick. We aim to make an easily

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The Economics & Business Society

As a fresher new to life at university, joining a society might not be among the top priorities on your to-do list. However, university may become surprisingly lonely during the first year and joining a society enables you to meet fabulous, like-minded people outside of

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GRE. Events Society

Winners of the Best New society 2013/14, GRE EVENTS Society is suited to anyone who is passionate about planning, holding and/or attending events.

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Greenwich Rag Society

Greenwich RAG have some exciting events planned for 2014-2015 and we would love for you to get involved. RAG, also known as Raise and Give, is a society whose primary goal is to fundraise money and give our time in order to support charitable causes.


What i wish i knew in Freshers

After all your years at uni, between those dreaded 9am lectures, those all-nighters you pulled and that time you woke up to find a traffic cone in your hallway, you learned a lot (mostly crammed in the 5 hours before your deadline in the library).If


The Black Hand

by Ana Marta Laranjeira   His art has been covering the streets of Tehran but the face behind it remains a mystery. His identity lays on two words – Black Hand – and he´s as talented as he is controversial. Relying on the stencil as his weapon