Palgrave Student Planner

pid14666937The Palgrave Student Planner by Stella Cottrell can be used by students across all degrees and is sure to be very useful for organisation. It is easy to use and is a great size, easy to fit into a bag and carry around every day. The planner makes student life a lot easier as it makes keeping on top of deadlines and other important events, such as university sports games and birthdays of friends, a very easy task.  With a two page spread assigned to each week and with plenty of space for details of each event, it is a planner that gives students the ability to put detail into their diary whilst ensuring that it is easy to follow. There are also spaces for timetables and a whole year calendar which is easy to glance at to see what is going on each month. In addition to its organisation features, the planner also has many pages with tips that are essential to students as they progress through the year. These include revision tips, stress and time management and employability advice with a section to note down each thing that can be added to a CV. In addition to this there are also pages that can be very useful to people who are living away from home for the first time. For instance there are pages that help students to manage their finances and a few easy starter recipes. Overall this book is extremely useful to new students with all its tips for dealing with university life and can be utilised by all with its detailed whole year planner.

By: Lucy Weller