Q&A with American Authors


 By Rüya Yönak

You know you heard that one song and thought it was cool, that was “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. They’ve been in the biz for a while now and they are going strong. We had a chance to send over some questions.


American Authors are: Zac Barnett (vocals), James Adam Shelley (lead guitar), Dave Rublin (bass) and Matt Sanchez (drums).


The band’s name is very unique. How did you decide on it?
We’re all from very different parts of America (Zac-Minnesota, James-Florida, Matt-Texas, and Dave-New Jersey) We all met in Boston, and we all moved to Brooklyn together, so that’s the American part. We also tell stories about our lives through our lyrics. Not every author has to publish a book!


‘Best Day of My Life’ is huge! Do you think success and fame came overnight to you?
Overnight is a word we would never use! In a way, we kind of don’t believe in it haha. Most people don’t know that we’ve been working and playing music together for about 8 years. Our success has come about in the last 2, but we believe that a lot of the work we put into the previous 6 years has every bit as much to do with our success as everything else.


You have quite interesting stories. Like Shelley teaching himself Chinese and Matt, though being vegetarian, working as a butcher. How would you reflect these experiences?
A lot of this came from the mindset that when we moved to NYC, we were there to work. We were going to hustle and talk to as many people as possible, and write and play as much music as it took to get somewhere with it. These jobs that we took were things we had to do to support our hunger…artistically and physically! ha


You have a busy tour schedule, are you more excited or nervous?
Touring is so exciting! We are lucky enough to get to travel the world and do what we love.


Do you guys stereotype each other, like would you say Dave is the “funny one”, Zach is the “positive one”?
Dave is definitely the funny one. :)