Surviving Student Halls


Finally, a life away from the parents! You are thinking living alone is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. It is. But you will be living with or around other people. So we decided to make a list that will help you survive the student halls without pissing anyone off, or struggling by yourself. You’ll have responsibilities but responsibilities don’t have to be regarded as difficult or boring.

By: Ruya Yonak

Laundry: Unless you have 365 t-shirts and jeans, you’ll have to do your laundry at some point. Make sure you ask your mom how to do it and don’t worry because laundry rooms have guides to get you through this alien process. How does mom do this? How frequently do I have to do it? Can’t I just put them all together? can become your mottos if you don’t. Also, you’ll see people who wash/dry their clothes but don’t come to pick them up. Always try to set an alarm on your phone and get your clothes out on time or you may find them lying on top of the dusty laundry machines.

Kitchen: This is the part of your flat that can easily get very dirty. Yes, washing your plates every time you cook/eat something is not going to be easy and it will suck most of the time. The best way to use the kitchen is to share the work. If you can get 2 of your flatmates to team up with you, the expenses will be cheaper and you can eat different types of food! Also, you wouldn’t have to clean dishes all the time.

Your Room: Keeping your room clean is the most important part of a bug-free stay in student halls. Don’t let your room get too humid after showers, because you will see immediately there will be bugs on your carpet.


Facebook pages for halls: all important news about halls is posted here. Mostly parties, but hey that is the most important news. If you lose something or if something’s wrong in the halls, post on fb. Also, there are students in halls responsible for making sure no one’s having problems so they will contact you about serious issues and help you get through them.


Fire Alarms: They basically go off every second, no one knows why. (yeah right) Try not to smoke inside or you’ll get the whole building frustrated. (especially if it’s 3 am)


Parties: They usually get shut down for getting reported by other people. Invite everyone if you are having a party and if you are not invited to a party don’t report it unless you have a job interview next morning, even if you do, remember it’s student halls and young people are supposed to be able to party at night and still wake up the next morning sober to attend an interview.


Security: This is very important. If you don’t have student insurance, make sure you always remember to lock your door and keep your flat’s door closed. Don’t let strangers use your electronic key to get into Mcmillan!


Welcome to adult life.