The Inter-Campus Bus Campaign


By Heather Scott


If, like me, you live quite a distance from the campus where you study at the University of Greenwich, then the inter-campus bus is an invaluable service to you. However, if also like me, you have experienced the gut-wrenching moment of missing the last bus because you were up to your eyeballs in books and coursework at Stockwell Street Library and couldn’t run fast enough to the Greenwich bus stop… or like many of my friends, have lectures up until 9pm, then you’ll be happy to know that the Students Union have successfully managed to extend the bus times till 9.15pm! The STOP, DROP and ROLL campaign has been operating since January last year, and has achieved massive amounts ever since. They aim to STOP the hidden costs of bus services between Greenwich and Medway; have already achieved their aim of extending the DROP off times at all campuses; and are still campaigning to ROLL back the prices already endured by those who have to travel from Medway to any other campus. However, they still need your help! Extended drop off times are only available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and if you need to get to a certain student night on a Wednesday, this is simply not good enough! Extortionate charges are still being made to students who need to travel to Medway for their compulsory lectures, which is ridiculous! So make sure to fill out the Inter-Campus Bus Campaign survey available on the SUUG website, and help campaign for a free and more accessible bus service for everyone.


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