Was it Matt Corby, or was it an angel?

by Hanne Nord

A single, white spotlight lights up the room, and a silhouette slowly walks on stage to fill it. Accompanied only by snapping fingers, a clear voice flows with ooh’s and ah’s through the room, and the blonde, curly-haired figure in the spotlight both sounds and looks more like an angel than a mere mortal. “No bible no more, I don’t know faith like I did before”, Matt Corby sings, fittingly enough, opening the show at Electric Brixton with his newest single Monday.


Photography by Hanne Nord

Photography by Hanne Nord

The Australian 25-year old singer-songwriter’s music is described as everything from indie rock and gospel, to psychedelic and jazz, and showed off this variety through a range of new songs during the show. With a set list consisting of 6 unreleased tracks, out of 11, Corby trusts his fans to want more than something they can sing along to. After his biblical start, Corby spellbound the audience with the new track Belly Side Up, enthralled us with the mellow Runaway, and then shook us all loose with his perhaps jazziest songs of the night, Do You No Harm and What the Devil Has Made. Throughout all this, only a few in the audience attempted to sing along with Corby’s deep bass and angelic falsetto, and most were simply listening appreciatively. The only tracks that really made the audience pipe up were the well known Resolution and Brother, the latter the most energetic and engaging.

The array of excellently performed new songs builds anticipation for his upcoming album, scheduled for release in early 2016. If there was one member of the audience at the concert that was not convinced the album is going to be momentous, they’re wrong. Simple as that. Matt Corby’s vocals were impressive enough for the audience to not mind the band going more or less silent at times throughout the show, and Corby seems to have pushed himself even further, working towards his new album.

Corby ended the set with the soul-like new song Empire, and afterwards humbly thanked the audience for coming. The only thing missing from the show was an encore, which it seemed the entirety of the room longed for, as soon as Corby walked off stage. Slowly and hesitantly the crowd made its way back out into the cold November night, only staying warm because we all knew we’d been blessed with witnessing the radiance of Matt Corby’s talent. I believe the whole tube carriage was swaying, clinging to the last notes of his velvety voice, all the way home. “And I said ooh, ooh, ooh…”