What Am I?

By Mubarakat Akinshipo

I stand here the most and

you, she and he watch me here the most

I like here the most as I can be seen the most

unless I am part of a collage

and at the most I am surrounded

and the company is founded at the most possible

yet independent and free in creativity

in preparation … a climax I cannot explain

I see you, her and he your eyes all watching me

at the most of my capability… I perform

falsify your error it is not anything to me

it is the truth you cannot conclude

argument is not as strong

each bar got the mike sprung

because I perform … but for who ?

I had longed for your gaze

for all of you to be like that was amazing

yet I realised I was in one of them fazes

I lost track of who I should perform for

because I do not need to be adored

as my name is nothing compared to The Lords

my stage is only this spot …

What am I ?

Secrets you should know to unfold

you never know what will come out that envelope

am I trying to preach like the pope

yet my secrets are trying to cope

based on all the poets that stood before me

cope behind the burdens of curtains

trustworthy or uncertainty

people I trust still betray me verbally

and the perpetrators could not believe

what had gone on in that pivotal scene

Have you guessed who I am?

Who am I?

as the lights are gleaming

who is running this scene

who is the conductor of this orchestra team

for they are confused as if they were abused

but some can choose the tools that control my volume

Constructed as I am I stand

I am a poets best friend

I descend as their mouths amend

if they win the prize

Who am I?

I guess you guessed it right … a microphone