What i wish i knew in Freshers


After all your years at uni, between those dreaded 9am lectures, those all-nighters you pulled and that time you woke up to find a traffic cone in your hallway, you learned a lot (mostly crammed in the 5 hours before your deadline in the library).If you could go back and give a few nuggets of wisdom to your Fresher self, what would you say?Here’s a few handy tips, from people who have been there, done it and got the university hoody.

By: Heather Scott


Olivia Cunningham, a second year Events student says: “Learn your timetable, where all the rooms are, where the library is, the local TFL information… just do your research! You can tell a fresher from a mile away… clueless and terrified.”

Yasmin Barber, a second year Law student, says: “Don’t try and pack your whole bedroom! You really do not need an outfit for every occasion, I survived the year wearing jumpers and hoodies, and the rooms in halls are probably as big as a walk in wardrobe…”

Paige Wilson, a third year English Lit student, says: “Go to every event in fresher’s! Don’t hide in your room… some of my closest friends are those I met during fresher’s week.”

Joseph Burgess, a third year Architecture student, says: “Sometimes, you need to remember you can say no. I went a little crazy in my first year partying and nearly failed the year. Uni is fun, but remember why you’re here.”

And finally, my personal words of wisdom: “No matter how much all that travelling in your gap year ‘changed you as a person’ and made you feel like you’ve ‘really outgrown everyone’ because you’ve got ‘like, so much life experience now,’ there’s thousands of other people uttering those exact words. So, honestly, just be yourself!