Work – A Review of Rihanna and Drake’s Collaboration

by Jose Eduardo Freitas Pereira

After an uncharacteristically long absence of over three years since her last album “Unapologetic”, Rihanna is back with her latest offering “Anti”. The singer has returned with what appears to be her lead single “Work” featuring once again global superstar Drake, with this now being the artists’ third collaboration. The two of them first collaborated on the smash hit “What’s My Name” in 2010 , and two years later on the track “Take Care” with both singles being a huge success. Four years on they complete the “trilogy” with their track “Work”.


Unfortunately, like most trilogies, its predecessors always seem to better with this one being no different. The positives in “Work” are the fact that the track produced by Boi-1da offers a rather understated mid tempo but bubbly beat, creating a very tropical relaxed sounding vibe with a clear dancehall inspiration throughout. However, for me personally the production is where the positives end and the catalogue of negatives begins. Considering the fact that it has been over three years in the making since Rihanna released an album I personally feel that the track was rather disappointing and expected more, with the chorus being highly repetitive and rather dull as well as also at times not even understandable due to Rihanna’s slurring and mumbling. Even with Drake’s brief verse which I found rather forgettable aside from certain specific lyrics such as “If you had a twin I would still choose you” but still, in spite of these small flickers, I felt that throughout the track it was nowhere near as catchy, radio friendly and as enjoyable to listen to as “What’s My Name” or “Take Care”.

The lyrics themselves in “Work” are another disappointing aspect of the track which reportedly took eight people to write, which is something that I find extremely hard to believe due to their rather basic, repetitive and pointless nature to them at times, although this is something that can be said for most pop songs nowadays.

Overall, even though the track will not be what most fans were expecting, having two global stars such as Rihanna and the currently very popular Drake will surely make it a success. As a fan of both artists I am however disappointed with the track especially considering the quality of their previous collaborations. I am expecting and hoping for much more from the album itself, although with the music video due to be released soon and the track still being very recent maybe the new sound will begin to eventually grow on me over time.


Final Rating: 3/5